Terra 4D Systems, LLC is the leading provider of enterprise-scale, high-resolution change detection processing and exploitation of large volumes of high-resolution satellite and airborne digital imagery. We leverage patented technologies of the GeoCDX system to provide products and services to meet the needs of a variety of users and decision makers in both commercial and government markets. Our core value proposition is that our enterprise-scale technologies enable the efficient processing, analysis, and exploitation of large volumes of high-resolution imagery to locate areas of change at a fraction of the cost compared to current methods that rely upon desktop processing or manual human review. Important applications of our technology include defense intelligence gathering, disaster management, map production, urban planning, tax assessment, and many others.

High-Resolution Imagery

Our technology currently supports cross-platform change detection processing using numerous commercial satellites and airborne sensors. There is no other technology in the market today that has this unique set of enterprise-scale, cross-sensor processing capabilities.

Fully-Automated Processing

The GeoCDX change detection processing system includes an automatically orchestrated enterprise distributed processing architecture to robustly support the variability that is inherently encountered in a cross-sensor, cross-resolution change detection platform.

Efficient Exploitation 

Change detection results are viewable in an easy-to-use web interface for rapid inspection for change content discovery, analysis and exploitation, reporting, and dissemination. Moreover, the dissemination functions can easily be integrated with other third-party systems.